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If you can think it, you can design it using our user-friendly Design Lab. We’ve got the tools to put your best ideas front and center…or on the back, if you prefer!

Design Automagically

au·to·mag·ic·al·ly | ˌôdəˈmajək(ə)lē/ | adverb | informal
  1. in relation to the operation of a computer process, in a way that seems ingenious, inexplicable, or magical.

Our Design Lab is easy to use. Choose clipart, images, custom fonts and more from our library of elements. You can upload your own logos and images – even those you have on social media (as long as they meet the high-res specs for printing). So click the button below and take the Design Lab for a spin!

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Easy Bitcoin Custom Designs & More!


Yes, we offer custom designs for cryptocurrency – but that’s not all!  We have thousands of miscellaneous clipart elements, custom fonts, and hundreds of templates to give you a starting point.

Give it a try – there’s no limits and no obligation to see what kind of cool you can configure!

– Born From A Bitcoin

Happy DIY Designers

I was able to knock out an awesome design for our Bitcoin meet-up in no time using the designer tools, and get really unique t-shirts for the whole gang!

- Melissa Hawthorne

This was too easy! The Design Lab is a breeze to use and I got exactly the hoodie design I wanted – great service!

- Tim Chan


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